Portrait Bajwa Professional

Rajbir S. Bajwa, MD

Born in Illinois, Dr. Bajwa has served for over 20 years with an impeccable record as a Board Certified Physician within the state of Ohio.  He graduated in 1993 at the Wayne State School of Medicine in the city of Detroit and completed a residency in pediatrics at Wright State University.  He has always prided himself as an evidence based physician who is skilled in talking to patients and their families in a way that they can understand.

Medical Cannabis of Northwest Ohio

We are excited about the prospects of medicinal cannabis as a treatment option for neurologic conditions, chronic inflammatory conditions, managing the side effects of cancer chemotherapy, and reducing the use of addicting opiods.  We want to help and believe medical cannabis offers many people so many evidence based medical benefits.

We understand...

The thought of using a plant that is known for its use as a drug to "get high" may scare you.  We look forward to guiding and educating you on using this plant in a way that you are comfortable with.  For example, there are many parts of the plant that aren't psychoactive and have proven medical benefits, most notably CBD (cannabidiol).