What marijuana products are available in Ohio?

Currently patients have access to plant/flower and other forms including edibles, tinctures, lotions and oils.  Isolated CBD, cannabidiol based products that help reduce inflammation and produce analgesia alone, will also eventually be available.

Are patients allowed to grow their own plants?

No.  Growing medicinal marijuana is strictly prohibited under Ohio law.  All products must be obtained through a state licensed dispensary.

Can I lose my job if I use medicinal marijuana even if I have a legally obtained card?

Unfortunately, yes.  Some employers may not accept your use of medicinal marijuana.  THC is routinely tested for in a urine drug screen.  It can impair your judgement and potentially expose your employer to liability.  If you have a job that drug tests you, it is not recommended that you use medicinal marijuana.  Marijuana is still listed as a schedule 1 substance (a substance that has "no medical benefit and has a high potential for addiction") under federal law.  Even though many states disagree with this stance, the federal government has, to this date, refused to reschedule the active ingredient, THC.

Can I use medical insurance to pay for my appointment with a CTR (Certificate to Recommend) doctor?

Unfortunately our office will not be accepting medical insurance.  All payment must be through a credit or debit card.  We will not have any cash at our office.